'mona homm fashion design' stands for the social commitment to people and fashion.

i want to produce economically and ecologically acceptable fair-traded fashion.

this starts with the cultivation of the plant fiber / manufacture of the

chemical fiber and ends in sales.


the production takes place after order.

thus, I counteract the fast-fashion-system in fashion,

which is harmful for creativity, quality and the environment.

It’s also easier for me to respond to individual fits


quality over quantity and longevity in fashion.


i aim to donate a percentage of every single sold product to a charitable cause.

i would like to point the t-shirt campaign 'Liebe Sich Wer Kann.'

10% of every sold shirt goes to the german bone marrow donation - DKMS.


über liebe




in 2016, i graduated from the fahmoda academy of fashion and design in hanover

 with my diploma in custom tailoring craft and in april 2017, with a degree

that certifies me as pattern maker and designer.


in september 2016, i was the winner of the frankfurt style award in the category

occident vs orient, whereupon i was able to present my design piece in shanghai, frankfurt and paris.


as a result of my win, i moved to milan in october 2017 with a scholarship at the haute future fashion academy.

there i studying art direction for haute couture & fashion design.