about love

‘Liebe Sich Wer Kann’ is a german adage and has a lot of different meanings which depends on your own understanding.

what exactly does that mean? a sentence of immense importance in every imaginable direction.


in terms of self-love we are talking about strengths and weaknesses. on a physical as well as psychic basis, usually also connected with  aesthetics. Loving oneself is easier said than done, that is not for the debate.

but if we learn to respect our weaknesses or learn to love the mistake, we build a foundation for our strengths. one cannot exist without the other, resulting in moments of strength, weakness reaches out to us or strengthens

us and helps us to recover when our weak side pulls us down. that completes our mind.


why do we want something that so obviously belongs together, separates and pushes away from us?


 maybe we should learn to love the process because our bodies and minds are changing with every passing day we grow older.

self-love. with everything included: emotions such as anger, aggression, grief or joy, love and warmth. at first glance, a good and a bad side. positive and negative emotions. pain and joy. but here, too, there is no love without hate and no joy without pain, and vice versa.

gernerosity is the result.


all of this requires a lot of courage, in a society that often shows us the opposite.


furthermore, this sentence can also excellently refer to the generation 'relationship-incompatible'*. at a time when we can take everything easy and enjoy our sexuality without any stress or mystery, i'm not sure if we have lost ourselves in a new standard or in an outdated form of the standardized image of a regularly functioning relationship. how does it look?


dates followed by regular contact and physical closeness. only without higher emotions. everything just "friendly". it seems to me that today we sign an imaginary contract when we confess our feelings to another person who is important to our lives.

but above all, my feeling is that the hardest task is to let go of ourselves and admit that there is someone who could be dangerous to us.

why? because there is someone in our lives who underpins and reinforces the foundation of our strengths?

are we afraid that it breaks down, should the paths part or don't we want to lose the opportunity to further options?

but whom, who always keeps all doors open, will spend their life in the corridor?


i would like to see, hear and feel more love. live the moment. do we feel it? why do not we say it and live it? these experiences do not provide for a much more valuable experience and memory treasure, which would give us a much greater willingness to make us and others happier. at least for the moment. who knows how many moments will follow. and come what may, but we have experienced it!


casual love and the freedom that we truly enjoy in the 21st century are of paramount importance, but maybe we should take care that it does not become a permanent state from the phrase that we can do it.


and finally, on my list, the love for the other. if two people love each other, how can a third one be disturbed by them?

why don’t we let others love how and who they want, and look forward to their happiness?  

-there is no obvious reason for me.

and I also do not accept the argument 'it is unnatural'.

1st it’s not and 2nd what is natural today?

i also wish the acceptance of the gender's own definition!

everyone should be as happy as they see it for their self.

this luck would make this world a better place!


in this sense:

long live love!