'mona homm fashion design' stands for social commitment to people and fashion.

i aim to produce economically and ecologically acceptable fair-traded fashion.

this starts with the cultivation of the plant fiber / manufacture of the

chemical fiber and ends with the sale.


for example, all ‘Liebe Sich Wer Kann’-shirts are made of 100% cotton. but also pure cotton or plant fiber could be a 'bit' poisonous.


i want to do my best to keep the environment clean. therefor i pay attention to the use of pesticides, chemicals and the optimization of water consumption as well as a fair remuneration for all involved.


i don’t say ‘no’ to polyester and other synthetical fibres. i think it must be used correctly.

synthetic fabrics from recycled plastic waste could be a good alternative.

generally, i'm a huge fan of recycling and upcycling. nothing is useless!


 the production takes place after order.

thus, I counteract the fast-fashion-system in fashion,

which is harmful for creativity, quality and the environment.

it’s also easier for me to respond to individual fits


quality over quantity and longevity in fashion.


i aim to donate a percentage of every single sold product to a charitable cause.

i would like to point the t-shirt campaign Liebe Sich Wer Kann.'

10% of every sold shirt goes to the german bone marrow donation - DKMS.


if you want to read more about this click here:




how i interpret ‘Liebe Sich Wer Kann’, you can read here ...


about love


do not be surprised if the packaging sent has nothing to do with my lable.


it is my opinion that I don't have to produce more packaging material if I still have a lot of home. personally, placing my logo in this position and placing it in the foreground is rather unimportant to me.


i think you also know where you ordered ;)