why donations for DKMS are important:


it’s not only our own registration which is important for the charitable organization, it’s also money donations. at the beginning, DKMS was financially supported by the german cancer aid and the Federal Ministry of Health, but today things are different.

the health insurance funds pay flat-rates for a successful donor placement. so, if there is a hit in the donor file, DKMS receives money to improve the quality of the burocracy and to further develop therapies or support patients.

new registrations are not covered. these are partly paid by private donations. each registration costs 35 €. this includes the shipping as well as the return and the processing in laboratory to determine the tissue characteristics.

not everyone can afford it, but every human being can save lives through his stem cell donation. that's why registration is free. because saving lives is much more important!


That's why we should stick together and fight for others!

If we are completely honest with ourselves, on average, we spend a lot of money a month on fashion, right? ;) so we could connect those two things- sharing and wearing

10% of every sold ’Liebe Sich Wer Kann’ -shirt will be donatet to the DKMS!

This will be collected by the end of the year at the latest.


and who is not yet: get registered to maybe, give another human a new chance to live!


all information about the DKMS can be found here: